Thursday, June 22, 2017

Where It's AT Blogiversary: Giveaway #3: Coughdrop License & Brookes Publishing Books

*Update: Congratulations to our randomly selected winner: Laura D.! Be sure to check out each day's giveaways!*

For day 3 it only seemed right to put together, not 1, not 2, but THREE products to giveaway to you, with totals valuing over $300!!! 

Today's giveaway comes courtesy of CoughDrop and Brookes Publishing. Be sure to enter to win a full AAC license by CoughDrop [valued at $200} and TWO hardcopy titles from Brookes Publishing:
 Teaching Communication Skills to Students with Severe Disabilities [valued at $50] and Alternative and Augmentative Communication [valued at $85]. Read below to learn more about each of the products available! 

The first item of today's giveaway is a download of the augmentative communication license by CoughDrop

At CoughDrop they believe that every voice should be heard. Disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome and Rett syndrome make it harder for individuals to communicate on their own. Many people use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools in order to help make their voices heard.

CoughDrop works to help bring out the voices of those with complex communication needs through powerful open-source technology that actually makes things easier and supports everyone in helping the individual succeed.

The following video provides an overview of the powerful tool created by CoughDrop.

The final two items of today's giveaway are brought to you by 

The mission at Brookes Publlishing is simple: All people—regardless of ability or background—deserve to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling, self-directed lives. Partnering with top experts, the publishing company delivers relevant, high-quality, research-backed content in optimal form.

Brookes Publishing provides the latest printed and e-books, and book series on critical topics spanning from Early Childhood to K-12 to Higher Education to Community Supports.

The first book is included in today's giveaway is...

Kathryn D. Peckham-Hardin

Synopsis: How can educators and therapists support effective communication for students with severe and multiple disabilities? Today's best research and strategies are in the NEW third edition of this trusted textbook and teaching guide. Current and future education professionals will get up-to-date information and practical guidance on the entire process of supporting communication for students of all ages, from assessing their communication skills to involving peers and adults in intervention. An important textbook and professional reference, this comprehensive volume will help educators, paraprofessionals, SLPs, and other school staff skillfully support every student's right to communicate.

The second book included in today's giveaway is...

by David R. Beukelman and Pat Mirenda

Synopsis: As AAC use continues to flourish and new technology revolutionizes the field, tomorrow's service providers need current, authoritative information on AAC for children and adults with communication disorders. That's why David Beukelman and Pat Mirenda have revised and updated the bestselling Augmentative and Alternative Communication—the trusted, widely adopted graduate-level text on communication disorders and AAC. The foundational textbook for SLPs, OTs, PTs, teachers, and other professionals in clinical and educational settings, this fourth edition is a definitive introduction to AAC processes, interventions, and technologies that help people best meet their daily communication needs. Future professionals will prepare for their work in the field with critical new information on

  • advancing literacy skills (new chapter by Janice Light and David McNaughton)
  • conducting effective, culturally appropriate assessment to determine AAC needs
  • choosing AAC interventions appropriate for age and ability
  • selecting AAC vocabulary tailored to individual needs
  • using new consumer technologies as easy, affordable, and non-stigmatizing communication devices
  • understanding types of symbols and how individuals use them
  • promoting social competence
  • supporting language learning and development
  • providing effective support to beginning communicators
  • planning an inclusive education for students with complex communication needs
Readers will get a thorough overview of communication and AAC issues for people with specific developmental disabilities (including cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and autism) and acquired disabilities (such as aphasia, traumatic brain injury, and degenerative cognitive and linguistic disorders). And with helpful photos, figures, and photocopiable forms, readers will be ready to collect and use important information on assessment, individual communication needs, classroom supports, and more.

An essential core text for tomorrow's professionals—and a key reference for inservice practitioners—this new fourth edition expertly prepares readers to support the communicative competence of children and adults with a wide range of complex needs.

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