Thursday, June 29, 2017

Where It's AT Blogiversary: Giveaway #7: Closing the GAP Solutions subscription & CAST Publishing QIAT Guide Book

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Today's giveaway is an incredible score of two invaluable tools to promote best practices in the field of assistive technology and ensure proper measures are taken when considerations for AT are made. Thanks to the incredible people at Closing the Gap and CAST Publishing, Where It's AT Subscribers will have a chance to win a one year subscription to Closing the Gap's Solutions [valued at $120] and a copy of CAST Publishing's Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Guide Book [valued at $50]. Read below to learn more about each of the products available! 

Closing The Gap Solutions is an online subscription offering practical, sound assistive technology resources, training and professional development.

To document learning, simply view an archived webinar and, upon completion of webinar viewing, request a certificate of contact hours.

Solutions, a state-of-the-art and cost effective resource, can also be used, and is being used, as a very successful electronic textbook in undergraduate and graduate courses.

What's included....
  • FULL and REPEATED access to ALL ARCHIVED WEBINARS - Certificate of contact hours available upon completion of webinar viewing.
  • Six bimonthly, online issues of Closing The Gap Solutions and access to all archived issues.
  • Access to the acclaimed Closing The Gap Resource Directory - A guide to over 2,000 AT products for children and adults with disabilities.

More About the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology [QIAT] book....

Written by the Quality Indicators Leadership Team, this publication provides the education field with a valuable and credible resource for evaluating, choosing, deploying, and supporting assistive technology services in K-12 and postsecondary educational environments.

Audiences for this book include:
  • Assistive technology service providers as they evaluate and constantly improve their services;
  • Consumers of assistive technology services, including students and parents, as they seek adequate assistive technology services which meet their needs;
  • Universities and professional developers as they conduct research and deliver programs that promote the development of the competencies needed to provide quality assistive technology services; and
  • Policy makers as they attempt to develop judicious and equitable policies related to assistive technology services. 
The development of the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) began in the summer of 1998 when a number of assistive technology (AT) service providers gathered to share common concerns about the complexity of issues and processes related to AT training and service delivery.

In subsequent years, the QIAT group conducted online sessions, face-to-face summits, and other conference meetings with more than 4,000 AT providers from 17 countries and across the United States who provided insights and suggestions representing a variety of perspectives ranging from students and families to school staff and policy makers. These conversations (including more than 2,000 written responses) shaped and refined the Quality Indicators.

The QIAT Leadership Team includes 11 education professionals with extensive AT experience. They are (in alphabetical order): Gayl Bowser, Diana Foster Carl, Kelly S. Fonner, Terry Vernon Foss, Jane Edgar Korsten, Kathleen M. Lalk, Joan Breslin Larson, Scott Marfilius, Susan R. McCloskey, Penny R. Reed, and Joy Smiley Zabala.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Where It's AT Blogiversary: Giveaway #6: Elevating Co-Teaching through UDL book & iOS App Bundle

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If you missed out on yesterday's giveaway, there's no need to's bundled giveaway is yet another incredible one not to miss!

UDL [Universal Design for Learning] stands at the forefront for many professionals as the goal is to promote and develop universal access to educational curricula for all students, including those with disabilities. The book Elevating Co-Teaching through UDL by Elizabeth Stein is the perfect way to delve into best practices and how to begin creating an environment suitable and accessible where all learners have an opportunity to experience learning. For today's giveaway, Where It's AT Subscribers have the chance to win a copy of the book Elevating Co-Teaching through UDL by Elizabeth Stein partnered with downloads of several of my favorite iOS apps [valued at over $100] including:
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Read more about Elevating Co-Teaching through UDL 
by Elizabeth Stein

Co-teaching—the practice of having special education and regular education teachers work together in inclusive classrooms—is one way to ensure that all students have equal access to challenging academic content. But the practice is a challenging one, requiring thoughtful planning and execution by cooperative classroom professionals. Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework for designing inclusive learning environments, offers co-teachers structure and guidance in pursuing their goal to create successful learning environments for all students. In this book, veteran co-teacher and UDL expert Elizabeth Stein shows how to apply the UDL principles and guidelines to the practice of co-teaching. How does UDL inform the lesson-planning process? What does UDL look like in the classroom? What role does formative assessment play? How do you get buy-in for the UDL approach from administrators, parents, and students themselves? These and other questions are answered in this must-have book for anyone interested in co-teaching.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Where It's AT Blogiversary: Giveaway #5: Using Tech to Engage Students with LD & iOS App Bundle

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Today's bundled giveaway is another incredible value and one not to miss....

Where It's AT Subscribers will have the chance to win a copy of the "must-read" book Using Technology to Engage Students with Learning Disabilities by Sharon LePage Plante and Billy Krakower. And when talking about using technology to support struggling learners, it would be remiss to not include in the giveaway downloads of several of my favorite iOS apps [valued at over $100] including: 
*Be sure to click on the hyperlinks to learn more about each app...

Using Technology to Engage Students with Learning Disabilities (Corwin Connected Educator Series) by Billy Krakower and Sharon LePage Plante was featured last summer as one of my summer reads, which is why I am so excited to be able to provide it to one lucky Where It's AT subscriber. Below is the description provided by


Leverage technology to engage students with learning disabilities!
Harness the power of today’s technology to improve learning and engagement for students with learning disabilities.  By engaging students with learning disabilities using the technology already at your fingertips, you’ll see your students begin to thrive and grow in exciting new ways. In this volume in the Connected Educators Series, you’ll discover:
  • New ideas for using assistive technology to teach core subjects and study skills
  • How to build positive opportunities for students to show what they know
  • Tools to provide better content accessibility
  • How to help students connect and share through technology tools

About the Authors...

Billy Krakower (@wkrakower) is a full-time teacher at Woodland Park Public Schools in Woodland Park, New Jersey, where he has taught computers and special education to grades 3 and 4 for over eight years. He is the Chief Financial & Event Officer for Evolving Educators, LLC ( Billy co-moderates two weekly Twitter chats, #NJed chat and #satchat (for educational leaders). He co-hosts “SatChat Radio,” a weekly show interviewing educators on BAM Radio Network and available on iTunes. Billy is one of the lead organizers of edcampNJ and edcampLeadership North NJ. He is on the teacher advisory board for ReadWorks. Billy is a 2014 ASCD Emerging Leader, and a member of the NJASCD Executive board and serves as the Technology Committee Chair. He also served as co-director of NJ-ASCD Northern Region (Fall 2013 - June 2015). He has presented at more than 20 local and national technology conferences on topics including Twitters & You, The Science Behind a Mystery Location Call, and Connecting Beyond the Classroom.
Billy has an Advance Certificate in Educational Leadership and a dual Masters Degree in Special Education & Elementary Education from Long Island University. Billy is a Google Certified Educator and an Edmodo Certified Trainer. You can read more about Billy, his awards, and his presentations at He is passionate about helping every child and adult enjoy and learn using technology tools in easy, fun and empowering ways.

Sharon Plante, (@iplante) an educator with over 19 years' teaching experience in special education, has been an educator at Eagle Hill-Southport for over eleven years, as well as currently serving as Director of Technology. She holds a B.A. in Child Development from Connecticut College, a M.Ed in Special Education from George Mason University, and a certificate in Administration and Leadership from Sacred Heart University. Sharon utilizes her educational training and love of technology to engage students with learning disabilities in building their skills and finding success. She has presented at Everyone Reading, EdRev, Edscape, ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association), IDA (International Dyslexia Association), and New York Chapter of ALTA (Academic Language Trainers Association), as well as at several Edcamps, on using technology to empower the dyslexic/LD learner. Sharon is the 2015-2017 chair of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools Commission on Technology, as well as a member of the board for Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities. Additionally, she hosts a podcast for Bam Radio Network on Learning Differently bringing together the voices of those working in the many aspects of special education and blogs at Sharon is a co-founder of #edtechchat, a weekly twitter chat and podcast. Additionally, she is the co-organizer of EdCampSWCT and EdCampCAIS.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Where It's AT Blogiversary: Giveaway #4: Attainment's GOTalk Now & Bee Visual's Choiceworks & Calendar

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Today's bundled giveaway is an incredible value and one not to miss....

Thanks to the amazing folks at Attainment Company and BeeVisual, LLC, all Where It's AT subscribers will have the chance to win a copy of the AAC app GoTalk Now by Attainment Company paired with a free download of BeeVisual, LLC's Choiceworks and Choiceworks Calendar. All downloads are compatible with iOS

Additionally, 3 other lucky winners will get their own download codes for Choiceworks and Choiceworks Calendar. Read below to learn more about each of the items in today's giveaway! 

GoTalk NOW by Attainment Company

Attainment has been making augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools for 25 years. Our experience is front and center in GoTalk NOW, a flexible, easy-to-use, yet powerful app for people who have difficulty speaking.

NOW combines the simplicity of GoTalks (Attainment’s popular original AAC device) with the dynamic capabilities of an iPad. GoTalk NOW has all the essentials of an effective AAC app, like adjustable page layouts, customizable navigation, recorded and text-to-speech capabilities, and an included symbol set. But we sweated the details to create unique and compelling features that clearly separate NOW from other AAC apps.

The new NOW offers three styles of communication pages: Standard, Express, and Scenes. In Standard pages, the action occurs when the location is pressed. In Express pages, recorded or text-to-speech messages build in a speech bar and play in sequence when the bar is pressed. Scene pages are built around a single photo or image. When you arrange invisible hotspots over people or objects in the photo, the hotspots play speech, music, or videos! 

• Choose 1, 2, 4, 9, 16, 25 or 36 locations per page.
• Use images from your iPad camera, photo library, or the Imagine Symbol set.
• Search the Internet in-app for the perfect image or icon.
• Purchase SymbolStix or Widgit Symbols libraries in-app.
• Crop, scale, or rotate an image using your fingers.
• Combine multiple images in a single communication location.
• Color pages, borders, and text with any hue.
• Move and size text with your fingers so it feels just right.
• Record your voice or use our free text-to-speech voice.
• Buy higher quality voices for only 99 cents each, available in over 20 languages.
• Add spoken labels (auditory cues) to any button. Great for scanning, guiding visually impaired users, and identifying any new or difficult vocabulary.
• Trim videos in-app, and play them from any communication location.
• Select our alternate video interface to pause or exit the video easily.
• Link songs from your playlist to any communication location and control them with Pause/Play, Next, and Previous.
• Include a core vocabulary button for extra quick access to important messages.
• Create multimedia social stories and step-by-step instruction layouts by linking pages with an after action.
• Share complete communication books via WiFi with any iPad user who has NOW.
• Back up communication books via Dropbox or to any Mac or PC for safekeeping.
• Store and share interactive templates (each including speech, video, text, and jump to links) on our online gallery for free.
• Download and edit premade templates from Attainment’s collection on the public gallery, also free.
• Email links to your templates to parents and colleagues, who can open the template on their iPad by tapping on the link.
• Print and save communication book layouts via PDFs.
• Access Now with single or two-switch scanning.

Choiceworks & Choiceworks Calendar by BeeVisual, LLC

Choiceworks App

The Choiceworks App is a picture-based learning tool that helps children complete daily routines (morning, day, & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting skills (taking turns and not interrupting). Created with the support of leading hospitals and child development specialists, this app is designed for caregivers to provide clear and consistent support to foster a child’s independence, positive behavior, and emotional regulation at home and in the community. It can also be customized for teachers in a school setting.

Key Features

■ Three boards: Schedule, Waiting, and Feelings
■ Three Companion Books supporting each board
■ Image Library preloaded with over 180 images and audio
■ Add your own images and record your own audio for limitless customizability
■ Attach video to any board image
■ Easily create profiles to personalize and manage multiple users
■ Save an unlimited number of boards for multiple children or different routines
■ Speaks boards out loud with professionally recorded audio
■ Time saving essentials like search and auto-save
■ Share boards by Email or iTunes File Sharing with other Choiceworks app users
■ Ability to print boards or save as PDF

The Choiceworks Calendar is a full-featured, kid friendly calendar app designed to help children learn concepts of time and help caregivers to keep them organized. By presenting the abstract concept of time in a structured, visual format, Choiceworks Calendar helps children organize their lives as well as understand sequence and time. 

Key Features
■ Easily create a visual calendar of upcoming events in a few minutes (examples: holidays, when visitors are coming, doctor appointments, vacations, sleepovers, parent returning from a trip or military duty)

■ Image Library preloaded with over 275 images and audio
■ Add your own images using your photo library, camera or use the preloaded image library to record your own audio and edit captions for limitless customizability
■ Create multiple personalized calendars for use with multiple children or in a classroom setting
■ Count Days Until: animated counter for the number of days until an upcoming event (example: How many days until my birthday?)
■ Speaks the daily schedule
■ Built-in visual timer
■ Automatically adds holidays
■ Easily add reoccurring events
■ Notifications and alarms with visual and audio alerts
■ Search and auto-save features
■ Share boards by Email or iTunes File Sharing with other Choiceworks Calendar app users
■ Ability to print month, week or day for offline viewing or save as PDF

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Where It's AT Blogiversary: Giveaway #3: Coughdrop License & Brookes Publishing Books

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For day 3 it only seemed right to put together, not 1, not 2, but THREE products to giveaway to you, with totals valuing over $300!!! 

Today's giveaway comes courtesy of CoughDrop and Brookes Publishing. Be sure to enter to win a full AAC license by CoughDrop [valued at $200} and TWO hardcopy titles from Brookes Publishing:
 Teaching Communication Skills to Students with Severe Disabilities [valued at $50] and Alternative and Augmentative Communication [valued at $85]. Read below to learn more about each of the products available! 

The first item of today's giveaway is a download of the augmentative communication license by CoughDrop

At CoughDrop they believe that every voice should be heard. Disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome and Rett syndrome make it harder for individuals to communicate on their own. Many people use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools in order to help make their voices heard.

CoughDrop works to help bring out the voices of those with complex communication needs through powerful open-source technology that actually makes things easier and supports everyone in helping the individual succeed.

The following video provides an overview of the powerful tool created by CoughDrop.

The final two items of today's giveaway are brought to you by 

The mission at Brookes Publlishing is simple: All people—regardless of ability or background—deserve to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling, self-directed lives. Partnering with top experts, the publishing company delivers relevant, high-quality, research-backed content in optimal form.

Brookes Publishing provides the latest printed and e-books, and book series on critical topics spanning from Early Childhood to K-12 to Higher Education to Community Supports.

The first book is included in today's giveaway is...

Kathryn D. Peckham-Hardin

Synopsis: How can educators and therapists support effective communication for students with severe and multiple disabilities? Today's best research and strategies are in the NEW third edition of this trusted textbook and teaching guide. Current and future education professionals will get up-to-date information and practical guidance on the entire process of supporting communication for students of all ages, from assessing their communication skills to involving peers and adults in intervention. An important textbook and professional reference, this comprehensive volume will help educators, paraprofessionals, SLPs, and other school staff skillfully support every student's right to communicate.

The second book included in today's giveaway is...

by David R. Beukelman and Pat Mirenda

Synopsis: As AAC use continues to flourish and new technology revolutionizes the field, tomorrow's service providers need current, authoritative information on AAC for children and adults with communication disorders. That's why David Beukelman and Pat Mirenda have revised and updated the bestselling Augmentative and Alternative Communication—the trusted, widely adopted graduate-level text on communication disorders and AAC. The foundational textbook for SLPs, OTs, PTs, teachers, and other professionals in clinical and educational settings, this fourth edition is a definitive introduction to AAC processes, interventions, and technologies that help people best meet their daily communication needs. Future professionals will prepare for their work in the field with critical new information on

  • advancing literacy skills (new chapter by Janice Light and David McNaughton)
  • conducting effective, culturally appropriate assessment to determine AAC needs
  • choosing AAC interventions appropriate for age and ability
  • selecting AAC vocabulary tailored to individual needs
  • using new consumer technologies as easy, affordable, and non-stigmatizing communication devices
  • understanding types of symbols and how individuals use them
  • promoting social competence
  • supporting language learning and development
  • providing effective support to beginning communicators
  • planning an inclusive education for students with complex communication needs
Readers will get a thorough overview of communication and AAC issues for people with specific developmental disabilities (including cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and autism) and acquired disabilities (such as aphasia, traumatic brain injury, and degenerative cognitive and linguistic disorders). And with helpful photos, figures, and photocopiable forms, readers will be ready to collect and use important information on assessment, individual communication needs, classroom supports, and more.

An essential core text for tomorrow's professionals—and a key reference for inservice practitioners—this new fourth edition expertly prepares readers to support the communicative competence of children and adults with a wide range of complex needs.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Where It's AT Blogiversary: Giveaway #2: Don Johnston DeCoste Writing Protocol and Plugable Color Keyboard

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Today's giveaway is an incredible score of two invaluable tools to support writing. Be sure to enter to win the DeCoste Writing Protocol eBook by Don Johnston and Plugable's USB Kid Keyboard. Read below to learn more about each of the products available!

Don Johnston's DeCoste Writing Protocol is a formative assessment tool that helps educators identify factors affecting an individual student’s ability to produce writing. It compares a child’s individual performance across handwriting and keyboarding tasks and examines spelling performance and writing skills so educators make more informed decisions about instructional strategies and the appropriate use of technology to meet classroom demands. To take a more extensive look at what the DeCoste Writing Protocol offers visit the Don Johnston website and watch the webinar below!

Plugable's USB Kid Keyboard is the perfect tool for any home or classroom! It features large brightly colored keys that are color coded so it’s easy to identify and recall letters, numbers, punctuation and certain functional keys. Purple keys are designated for vowels, green keys for consonants, orange keys for punctuation and blue for function and editing keys. The keyboard's standard layout with extra large keys and sturdy flip-up tilt feet make it easy for kids to learn.  Visit the Plugable website to learn more about this amazing product! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Where It's AT Blogiversary: Giveaway #1: C-Pen Reader by Scanning Pen

*Update: Congratulations to our randomly selected winner: Heather P.! Be sure to check out each day's giveaways!*

The time has come to officially celebrate the one year anniversary of Where It's AT with the first of MANY giveaways. And the best news of all is there are SO many giveaways the celebration is being extended into next week too! 

*Please make sure you are a confirmed subscriber of the blow and enter the form below to be entered to win! A winner will be drawn tonight at 11:59 PM EST*

Enter below to win your own C-Pen Reader by Scanning Pen. This giveaway is valued over $250. If you have not had the chance to explore the wonder of the C-Pen, this is your chance to do so. The C-Pen Reader is a portable device for independent reading, data capture and dictionary lookup that reads aloud in both English (US & UK) and Spanish.  Struggling readers now have the power to read right at their fingertips. After submitting your entry below, read the information and check out the video to see the C-Pen Reader in action!