Tuesday, June 13, 2017

An Open Letter to My Sons' Special Education Teacher

As summer approaches for families and teachers around the country, this time of year often naturally leads many to reflect. Reflect on the successes. Reflect on the failures. Reflect on the teachers who left an impression. Reflect on the far reaching impact teachers can have upon a child's educational career and their self-esteem.

This open letter, shared on We Are Teachers, not only acknowledges the daily responsibilities associated with teaching, but focuses on the little extras that often go unnoticed yet are what mean the most. So, go ahead, take a moment to do the same for a teacher or professional who has had that lasting impact on your own child. I can promise you that a kind note or words of gratitude at the end of a school year are the perfect reminder what teaching is all about. 

An Open Letter to My Sons' Special Education Teacher

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