Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday "Appy" Hour: Snap & Read Universal for iPad

At the recent Everyone Reading conference, I participated in a product presentation session which highlighted two of the Don Johnston products uPAR and Snap and Read Universal, a glimpse into the vast suite of products offered. This prompted me to create this Friday's "Appy" Hour post...because a resource like this is just too good to not share! 

Until recently, Snap and Read was only available as a Google Chrome extension on a PC or Mac. With it's recent release, now iPad and iPhone users will have the same access as PC and Mac users, to listen to printed text read aloud in high quality voices alongside the ability to dynamically level, take images of and listen to worksheets read aloud using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), highlight text and create outlines and notations with citations on webpages and documents alike. Additionally, translations are available in over 100 languages, making this an ideal tool for ELL students.

This brief video provides a comprehensive overview of the features available through Snap and Read Universal for iPad.

To learn more about Snap and Read Universal or any of the other amazing products made by possible by Don Johnston, visit the Don Johnston website. On the website, you can view videos that highlight the specific features available within Snap and Read, such as dynamic text leveling or study tools and outlining in more depth. I am unable to share pricing as it varies on the number of subscribers and accounts created. However, you can request a quote directly on the website if interested. 

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