Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Everyone Reading Conference 2017 - NYC

The month of March is rapidly approaching, which means the 44th annual Everyone Reading conference on dyslexia and related learning disabilities is right around the corner. The Everyone Reading conference will present the most recent information regarding reading difficulties, with specific attention towards dyslexia, in addition to strategies and tools to help identify and remediate weakness in reading, writing and mathematics. Aside from the fact this conference is taking place in my home state, what I'm most enthusiastic about are the conference sessions that specifically focus on utilizing available assistive technology, educational technology tools and literacy strategies to support students with reading deficits. Additionally, the conference sessions are filled with presentations from experts in the field to provide insight into strategies to support struggling learners. Read further about the two featured keynote speakers or click here to see the full conference schedule.


Keynote Address – Dyalekt – Literacy Begins with the Beat!

Dyalekt is an MC, educator, playwright, actor and radio host from St. Croix, USVI. He has promoted and celebrated the power of the spoken word in schools and on stages around the world. He uses his unique brand of Hip Hop education to empower students from grades K-Grad school, and provides training for teachers, writers, performers and professionals. He's the co-host of Brunch & Budget on Bondfire Radio, and has recently been using that platform to teach Hip Hop and finance workshops to high school and college students. His curricula are rap albums/are plays, and he is a member of the Public Theater's Emerging Writer's group as well as a Hip Hop artist with several records and tours under his belt. He wants to cypher with you. twitter: @dyalektraps


Commissioner, New York State Division of Human Rights

Helen Diane Foster was appointed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to head New York 

Division of Human Rights. In her capacity as Commissioner, Ms. Foster is responsible for the enforcement of New York State’s Human Rights law, the oldest such law in the country.  Under her leadership, the Division has made substantial progress such as the elimination of case backlog. Commissioner Foster is able to deliver Governor Cuomo’s message of the importance of the Human Rights Law through her public engagements throughout the State. She is called on to represent the State and the Governor is different capacities.

Prior to her appointment, Ms. Foster served in the New York City Council for 11 years, representing the 16th District in Bronx County. As Council member, she represented 170,000 constituents at City Hall, was responsible for passing legislation, approving New York City’s $70 billion budget, attending Council hearings as well as community meetings, and for being an advocate for the under-served and underrepresented people of New York City.

Ms. Foster has participated on numerous panel discussions about her own struggles with dyslexia. Speaking about dyslexia is one of her passions.  She especially enjoys speaking to children with dyslexia.  In addition, Ms. Foster is often called upon to speak at churches, schools and community events.  She uses speaking engagements as a tool to empower communities and encourage youth through access to information.

Source: Everyone Reading

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  1. Looking forward to attending this conference! I think it's going to be a good one!


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