Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday "Appy" Hour: GoWorksheet Maker App

Friday "Appy" Hour: 

GoWorksheet Maker iPad App

This incredible app, created by Attainment Company, allows teachers and parents to quickly convert printed worksheets into customizable, interactive activities on an iPad.

Teachers, do you have a stack of printed worksheets in your classroom that you’d love to use, but some of your students struggle with pencil-on-paper activities? Parents, is completing homework with pencil and paper a struggle each night.

GoWorksheet Maker easily solves this problem by converting printed worksheets to customizable digital forms on an iPad. Now all your students or children can read and answer worksheet questions.

GoWorksheet Maker has full editing ability for teachers to use, while GoWorksheet is a free app that students use to work on digital worksheets.

How it works....
  • Take a photo of the printed worksheet or open an image or PDF file in the app. 
  • Then customize the digital worksheet to your student’s needs.  
  • Create text fields, word banks, and drag-and-drop text or image answers.
  • Supportive auditory options can also be added to text or image answer choices. 
  • The app uses optical character recognition (OCR) and text-to-speech to read selected text aloud. 
  • Additional auditory instruction or student prompting can be added. 
  • Students answer questions by...
    •  selecting from word banks
    • typing on a keyboard
    • tapping to select from multiple choices
    • dictating with Siri
    • circling or drawing connecting lines with a draw tool or 
    • dragging answer choices.

GoWorksheets can be shared through AirDrop, email, print, any cloud storage set up on the iPad (Google Drive or Dropbox), or saved to Photos. Once a worksheet is on the iPad, all your students can work with the same classroom material. Requires iOS 9.1 or later.

  • Allows you to customize ANY worksheet by uploading a document or taking a picture with your iPad
  • Can automatically convert worksheet text to speech
  • Accommodates multiple choice, fill-in-the- blank, and even recorded auditory answers
  • Easy storage and sharing of digital worksheets

  • The app costs $19.99 for a single license
  • $75 for 5 licenses
  • $200 for 20 licenses
  • For bulk purchases or purchases made through MDMs, you can purchase the app through their VPP!

To learn more visit the Attainment Company's website. If you already own this app and are looking for more information, click the link to access the GoWorksheet User Guide!

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