Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday "Appy" Hour: Widget Online

Friday "Appy" Hour:
Widgit Online...Create, Save and Share Online
Screenshot of Widgit online.

Widgit Online allows you to create symbol resources in your Web browser.
  • Create symbol flashcards, timetables, stories and a lot more with no installation needed. 
  • View and hear symbol resources on all platforms, including iPad. 
  • Share symbol resources with family, colleagues and classmates with a group account.
Easy-to-use templates
  • Choose from a wide range of over 100 page layouts, from large display flashcards to small vocabulary grids. 
  • Use the wide range of easy-to-use templates to create symbol resources, including flashcards, vocabulary sheets, timetables, bingo games and loads more.
screenshot of widget templates

Simple document writer
Create a variety of symbol documents, including story books, recipes, instructions and social stories
Screenshot of Widgit online desktop

With a group account, you can share resources with colleagues and classmates, with full control over which users.


Choose to publish your resources and use Widgit Online to host them for the world to see or just the people you give a secret Web address to.

Widgit Online uses high-quality, streaming text-to-speech to read your resources aloud.

Online storage
Create and save your symbol resources and access them from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Mac and PC compatible
Widgit Online can be used on Windows and Mac computers and resources can be viewed on tablets.

Widgit Symbols
Access to 14,000 Widgit Symbols with free automatic symbol updates.

Prices vary depending on the user: 
  • Home Accounts...
    • Individual Users - $7/month
    • Family - $13/month
  • School Accounts...
    • Individual Users - $7/month
    • Class Groups - $20/month
    • Small Schools - $40/month
    • Medium Schools - $70/month
    • Large Schools - $120/month

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