Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Apps for Supporting Autism

Technology, as is often said, is a rapidly growing and changing field. The reality is that as the use of technology becomes the norm in our everyday lives, both in school and at home, parents and educators are quickly seeing how children and students with autism are benefiting from the use of these new and innovative tools. With autism comes a variety of challenges in communication, executive functioning, social skills, behavior/self-management, and learning. Providing direct access to these tools revolutionizes the way individuals with autism learn and communicate. Mobile apps have given parents and educators a myriad of approaches to reach, and teach, children who develop at a rate different than their peers, all while allowing our children and students to learn in a way that best meets their needs. 

The Center on Technology and Disability (CTD) partnered with Diana Petschauer and Stacy Driscoll to carefully construct the AT Support for Autism App Matrix which provides a well-organized matrix of mobile apps and links to other resources that can help those on the autism spectrum address the challenges they face. The matrix was created in conjunction with the CTD webinar: “AT and Apps to Support Learners with Autism”. After reviewing the list, be sure to watch the webinar (below) to see some of the apps demonstrated that are featured on the list. 

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