Friday, December 2, 2016

Sensory Friendly Santa

The incredible website Autism Speaks is once again joining "holiday forces" with the Noerr Programs Corporation on their Sensory-Friendly Santa programs! Caring Santa (a partnership with SIMON Malls), Santa Cares and Sensitive Santa (a partnership with Washington Prime Group Malls) all provide families that have children with autism and other special needs with the opportunity to connect with Santa in a special way this holiday season! The events provide a more controlled and welcoming environment to visit Noerr’s Santa Photo Experience. 

Be sure to visit the Austism Speaks site to find more information about these events happening in your area. Just another reason to love Santa a little bit more! 

In addition to the NOERR events (hosted at the Walt Whitman and Smithtown Malls on Long Island, NY), please be sure to look into the "Sensitive Santa" event at the Broadway Mall in  Hicksville, NY from 10-11am on December 11, 2016. Following the Santa Event, there is an opportunity for children to partake in a holiday craft hosted by the Hicksville Macaroni Kid

As described below, guests who have sent an RSVP or registered on or before December 4th will be provided time set aside with Santa in an environment to support the child's sensory needs. 

If interested contact Ariel Nelson at .

Source: Autism Speaks, Macaroni Kid, NOERR program

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