Thursday, December 1, 2016

Apple Showcases Accessibility Features

Apple's redesigned accessibility webpage launched a few weeks ago and is showcasing how essential assistive technology is for people with disabilities. Unlike the previous version of Apple's site, which displayed Apple's disability-friendly technology through straightforward descriptions and static photos, the new site shows Apple's AT in action through short 30-second videos. Below you can find the links to view these short trailers.

On December 20th, I will be attending an Apple Tools for Special Needs conference held in Long Island, NY where I will have a firsthand look at the new and improved accessibility technology available. If you're in the area and are interested in attending, click the link to register.  

 It's technology that is changing the lives of people with disabilities around the globe, enhancing the way they interact with the world on a daily basis. -Katie Dupere, 

Click above to see the Alanna Flax-Clark using the Workout App

Click to watch a trailer of Sady Paulson using the Switch Control.  

See Mountain Guide, Win Whittaker, using the Live Listen accessibility feature. 

Click above to watch the VoiceOver features used by Mario Garcia. 

Click above to explore all accessibility features available through Apple. 

To learn more about the accessibility features from Apple, read the Mashable article New Apple accessibility videos showcase real people using life-changing assistive tech by Katie Dupere. 

Source: Apple; Mashable

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