Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday "Appy" Hour: Reading With Dyslexia Simplified With Pocket

The widely popular app Pocket, known best for its article-saving read-it-later features, recently released a feature that would make it significantly easier for those with dyslexia to use. Pocket's latest version includes text-to-speech functions and enables all users support for the font Dyslexie [sample below], which is designed to create subtle changes in character structure to prevent confusion between similar looking letters.

What Dyslexie looks like on Pocket.

Although the update may appear minimal, it is anything but to those who suffer from dyslexia. The update could mean a vast change in reading comfort and speed, ensuring all of Pocket's users the best experience possible when interacting with printed materials.

Read more about the how Pocket can support struggling readers click here.

To watch a demo of the features of pocket watch the video below:

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