Thursday, November 3, 2016

Assistive Tech 101: Basics for Students with Dyslexia

The research is definitive regarding technology and instruction for students with dyslexia. As stated by the Region10ESC website, when students have access to effective technology, their overall performance improves. Technology has many benefits for students with reading difficulties, but the opportunity to access rich content ranks at the top. Technology tools allow students with dyslexia to be equal participants in school-based learning experiences. The goal is to support students in skills not yet mastered by providing access to instructional/assistive technology in conjunction with learning strategies and targeted reading instruction.Effective instruction can help students overcome the difficulties described above, and current research indicates that a wide range of options in technology can be an important part of that effective instruction and an important part of student support. Much of the technology intended for instruction can be used in an assistive manner to support all students, especially those with dyslexia. 

I chose to highlight a Noodle article, written by the dyslexia expert Jamie Martin, where he discusses the available technologies to help increase independence for students with dyslexia. Specific technologies are mentioned that have positively affected many students, however, the list of possible technologies is far reaching. The article helps provide parents and educational teams a starting point on where to begin when considering assistive technology. 

Sources: Noodle, Region10ESC

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