Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fair is Not Always Equal eBook

Several weeks ago I shared the Fair Is Not Always Equal infographic created by the Inclusion Lab from Brookes Publishing. The post (as well as the 25 subsequent resources available in the F.I.N.A.E. series) drew tremendous popularity on social media, so it seemed fitting to share the latest eBook that was developed. eBook includes ready-to-use tips on hot topics like planning UDL lessons, strengthening co-teaching partnerships, teaching to multiple intelligences, maximizing student engagement, and using accommodations and modifications from some of today’s top experts on UDL, co-teaching, and inclusive education, including Loui Lord Nelson, Nicole Eredics, Elizabeth Stein, and Kathleen McClaskey. Additionally, the eBook shares the success stories of educators who’ve been there, done that, and made inclusion and differentiation work in their own classrooms.

The ultimate goal of the resource is to provide helpful hints, strategies and visual infographic at your fingertips for integration into your classrooms.

Click the link or image above to download the free, full-color eBook that excerpts the best posts from the Fair Is Not Always Equal…Now What? series in one convenient place. Keep it as a valuable inclusion resource, and please share it around with anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of meeting every learner’s needs.

Source: The Inclusion Lab from Brookes Publishing

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