Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Celebrating Dyslexia Awareness Month with a Give-Away!!!

As Halloween creeps right around the corner and we continue our focus on Dyslexia Awareness Month, what could be better than adding a signed copy of a "spooky" book from authors like R.L. Stine, Ursula Vernon or Robert Beatty to your personal or school library.

This "chilling" opportunity comes from Learning Ally. Learning Ally is a national nonprofit that helps all students gain access to books via ear-reading audiobooks. Read below to learn how you or your students can win a copy of one of these spooktacular books!
  • Obtain parental permission
  • Follow us on social media, either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter 
    • (make sure we can SEE your posts by making them public).
  • Get creative posting books or lines from books that “give you chills” – you can read the line and video it, type it, or even take a photo of the book itself (like the picture to the right). We’ll accept them all in the contest!
  • TAG us by using @LearningAlly *and* use the hashtag #LearningAllyGivesMeChills 
  • Each post enters your name to win an autographed book from a spooky author like R.L. Stine, Ursula Vernon or Robert Beatty! 
  • Keep posting because you may be chosen!
 Learning Ally will announce the winners on one of their social platforms on October 27th. 
 (Please share it in the comments below if you are selected as a winner!!!! )

Click the link to view other upcoming fun activities from

Sources: Learning Ally, Action Sprout 

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