Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to be an A-Plus IEP Leader

With many teachers already back to school or with the new school year just on the horizon, you’ve probably been thinking about your current/incoming class and all the ways to support your diverse learners.

So, let’s talk IEPs. Specifically, what you can do as an educator to lead and support a smooth IEP process, from start to finish.

Below you can find a handy booklet of quick tips for you—it’s adapted from a recently published book, The Educator’s Handbook for Inclusive School Practices by Julie Causton and Chelsea Tracy-Bronson. It outlines what to do:
  • A month before an IEP meeting
  • The day of the meeting
  • After the meeting
You’ll also get some helpful tips to keep in mind during the whole IEP process to ensure the best results for everyone involved.

Download the booklet here, and please share with your friends who are passionate about inclusive education.

inclusive educators lead the IEP process

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