Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday "Appy" Hour: SeeSaw PD in your PJs

For this week's Friday "Appy" Hour we will be discussing the app Seesaw. Seesaw is a powerful multimedia learning and communication tool that demonstrates students progress over time. 

As shared on Common Sense Media, "The Learning Journal is a robust digital portfolio and learning system where teachers can create meaningful multimedia experiences for students. Using Google, Clever, student emails, or a QR code, teachers assign tasks that engage students with a variety of work in the form of videos, photos, text, images, files, and drawings. Teachers follow up by approving posts, offering feedback, and, if desired, making items accessible to families via the Seesaw Family app (available online and via Android or iOS). Since teachers can view all students’ submissions at once, it’s an easy way to check for whole-class understanding. Teachers can also enable peer-to-peer feedback or create a class blog to encourage a richer, more connected experience. For added security, the blogs can be password protected, and teachers can opt to moderate posts.

Designed with an intuitive interface, Seesaw logically leads teachers through processes such as creating assignments, recording directions, providing student feedback, and sending family communications. Translation is available if the device language settings are different from the original message. The Activity Library hosts a variety of activities aligned with Common Core for all grade levels, and the Help Center provides lots of support as well as professional development online for teachers. A paid upgrade allows tracking of skills mastery."

The video below shows an overview of Seesaw. Be sure to read below for an expansive list of webinars to help get you started or learn more about all that Seesaw has to offer. 

During the month of November, Seesaw has provided the following webinars based on your level of use and familiarity with . Click on the link to see times, dates, and register.

Brand New to Seesaw? Watch this: 
Watch recorded webinars anytime on our YouTube channel!

If you work with students in PreK-2nd Grades:

If you work with students in 3rd-5th Grades:

If you work with students in 6th-12th Grades:

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