Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5 Types of Adaptations for your Inclusive Classroom

The Brookes Inclusion Lab is an interactive blog which provides tools and resources to promote and enhance UDL and inclusiveness within the classroom learning environments. Today’s post, 5 Types of Adaptations for your Inclusive Classroom, brings you five approaches for adapting instruction in your inclusive classroom, so students with and without disabilities can participate and learn academic content. Adapted from Rachel Janney & Martha Snell’s practical guide to Modifying Schoolwork, these strategies can be used in any combination to best meet the needs of your individual learners. After testing these strategies out, please share below in the comments which adaptations have worked best in your classroom!

 Grab a peek at the five adaptations below, and
*Alter the instructional arrangement

*Alter the physical or social environment

*Alter your methods and materials

*Alter the process or task

*Alter the level of personal assistance

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