Thursday, January 26, 2017

The QIAT Top 10

This week I wanted to focus on some of the important information I gained while attending the ATIA 2017. The conference sessions were overflowing with incredible resources and tools that I couldn't wait to immediately implement (some will be shared in future posts). In addition to those sessions, several sessions focused on QIAT (Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology). For those less familiar, QIAT is a free resource available to those in the assistive technology field. As described on the QIAT website:

The QIAT Community is a nationwide grassroots group that includes hundreds of individuals who provide input into the ongoing process of identifying, disseminating and implementing a set of widely-applicable Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services in school settings that can be used as a tool to support: 

  • school districts as they strive to develop and provide quality assistive technology services aligned to federal, state and local mandates 
  • assistive technology service providers as they evaluate and constantly improve their services 
  • consumers of assistive technology services as they seek adequate assistive technology services which meet their needs 
  • universities and professional developers as they conduct research and deliver programs that promote the development of the competencies needed to provide quality assistive technology services 
  • policy makers as they attempt to develop judicious and equitable policies related to assistive technology services.

Top 10 Things to know about QIAT

(Spoiler Alert...I saved my favorite for last!)
  • 1. Within the QIAT website there is an abundance of free resources available to guide the improvement of AT services and to increase the educational participation and results of students. Through the use of the QIAT resources, there can be an improved quality and consistency of services provided
  • 2. QIAT supports the implementation of IDEA and other legal mandates. 
  • 3. QIAT resources were designed and developed for
    • school districts
    • AT service providers
    • consumers of AT services
    • universities and professional developers
    • policy makers
  • 6. Within the QIAT website you can locate a Resource Bank. As described on the QIAT website, the"bank" is the place to share resources by contributing to the QIAT Resource Bank and follow links to some other web sites for people interested in assistive technology in general. Here you can find helpful websites and usable documents created by AT professionals. Then bank has the option to search if you are looking for something specific and is organized to streamline the searching process. 
  • 7. QIAT Webinar Series: The free webinars were created by the members of the QIAT Leadership team. This series of webinars will provide a foundational background to the work of QIAT and QIAT tools & resources to support integration of AT in schools & other settings. 
Remember to locate them at Ablenet University then search for QIAT (or click on the hyperlink). The sessions are listed below...

QIAT Session 1: Overview of QIAT

QIAT Session 2: Consideration of AT Needs

QIAT Session 3: Assessment of AT Needs

QIAT Session 4: Including Assistive Technology in the IEP

QIAT Session 5: AT Implementation

QIAT Session 6: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of AT

QIAT Session 7: AT Transition

QIAT Session 8: Professional Development and Training in AT

QIAT Session 9: Administrative Support of AT Services

QIAT Session 10: Using QIAT Resources
  • 8. QIAT Useful Links...The links on the page were suggested by individuals on the QIAT List who have found them to be of value in supporting, in some way, the development and provision of quality assistive technology services in school settings.
Within the book readers will be provided with valuable and credible resources for evaluating, choosing, deploying, and supporting assistive technology services in K-12 and postsecondary educational environments. The book costs $49.99 (discounts applied when purchased in bulk). 
  • 10. As I said, I saved my favorite for last....The QIAT listserv! The QIAT listserv provides a platform to partake in important discussions or post questions regarding AT tools and services with other professionals in the field. Often times conversations move into educational technology tools as they often utilized during AT implementation. Whether you post, provide insight and information to others or just observe, it is a valuable tool that allows you to receive up-to-date advances in AT service delivery.
Source: QIAT; Ablenet

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